BHIS, Noida also prides itself in being a sensitive school and has a distinct centre for children with special needs named Sanchetna (the special wing) started in 2009. It is our endeavour to reach out to the children who have specific learning or multiple disabilities by providing them with inclusive education with support of specialized therapists.

Sanchetna has also evolved into an Early Childhood Intervention Centre – an educational support system for very young children (preschool years) varied special needs including who have developmental delays, specific learning disabilities or multiple disabilities.


Sanchetna has state-of-art infrastructure facilitated with centrally air-conditioned classrooms, activity areas, cafeteria, play area and auditorium.

The centre also has facilities for

  • Clinical facility (for Early Intervention)
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Auditory Training
  • Play & Drama Therapy
  • Sports
  • Behaviour Modification & Family counselling
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Special education
  • Reading programme


BHIS, Noida helps students with special needs access the modified regular curriculum in a separate setting through IEP (Individualized educational plan) with the aim to integrate students into the mainstream as far as possible. It emphasizes on individualized therapeutic services- Occupational therapy, Speech & language Therapy, Psychological Intervention and Special Education.


The team works closely with the mainstream teaching faculty, Special Educators, Speech & Language pathologists, Occupational therapists and Counselors, to support learners with specific needs in regular classrooms along with their peers. Inclusion may be partial or whole, depending on the ability of the learner to work in a large group as well as the ability to cope with the curriculum.


In early intervention center we identify and assess the learner’s needs at the early stage of development. Sanchetna provides services to promote physical, intellectual and social development.