Academics at KK


The human brain is very receptive to learning in the preschool years. Learning needs to be reinforced and used repeatedly. To make learning long term and effective, we provide children with opportunities to practice and master new skills.

At Kangaroo Kids we have been inspired by earlier theorists and current brain science and have a curriculum that accommodates all individual learners, providing them opportunities to optimize their inherent potential.

We work together to make learning experiences inside and outside the classroom effective, meaningful and joyful. The care and experiences provided to young children during early years influence their:

  •    ► View of the outside world
  •    ► The way they relate to others
  •    ► Their ability to succeed as learners.

At Kangaroo Kids we provide child initiated play. The curriculum is based on active and experiential learning. An optimum teacher-student ratio ensures effective implementation of this activity-based curriculum. The most important difference about Kangaroo Kids Preschool lies in the theoretical underpinnings of the way we help children learn as opposed to teaching them. We also provide opportunities for scaffolding by providing a cognitive structure that ensures children master learning block by block.

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