Policy & Schedule


Fee Payment:-

The fee is to be deposited as follows:

A. 01stquarter before 15th of April.

B. 02ndquarter before 15th of July.

C. 03rdquarter before 15th of October.

D. 04thquarter before 15th of January.


Account Office Timing – 09:30 am to 3:00 pm on all working days.

In case of payment through cheque, parents are requested to write the following details on reverse side of the cheque:

A. Name

B. Grade

C. Section

D. The quarter for which the fee is paid.


In case of online payment, below mentioned transaction fees are charged from the parents by the bank.
Debit Card: No Charges & Credit Card (1.2% + GST)
Net banking charges: HDFC, Axis, ICICI, SBI = Rs. 17 Other Banks = Rs. 10.

KK, BBH & Sanchetna learners from Play group to XII,Sanchetna –Integration and Inclusion Fee shall be deposited, in the BBH building accounts office.

  • Cheque will be made in favour of
  1. Kangaroo Kids The School for Grade Play Group to K.G.
  2. Billabong High International School for Grade-I onwards
  3. Sanchetna for Integration & Inclusion (Sanchetna).

Transfer Policy:
A seat cannot be GUARANTEED if a child wishes to seek admission in another branch of Kangaroo Kids / Billabong International High School However a child will be given preference over other waitlisted children if there is a seat available. A child taking admission in another Centre will be required to accept the rules and the prevailing fee structure of that Centre.

 Policy for Withdrawal of Students:

– Submit the duly filled TC application format available at the school reception before 20th March of the session. or send an email at info@billabonghighschoohioida.corn.

The School Leaving Certificate will be issued within 7 working days only after:

  •      * All dues are cleared
  •      * Library books returned

– Any application for the School Leaving Certificate after 20th March will entail the payment of the first quarter fee as per the next Academic Year.

– Any application received in the mid session i.e. after 30th June / 30th September/ 31st December will entail the payment of the next quarter fee.

– As long as the child is on rolls of the school, all dues are to be paid in full.

– Once the transfer certificate is issued, and readmission is sought by the parents, it will be considered as fresh application 85 all fee and charges are to be paid accordingly.

 – School Leaving Certificate may not be issued for the following reasons:

  •      * Non payment of fees and / or other dues
  •      * Rustication by the Director of Education, State Directorate of Education under Rule 34. School Leaving Certificate will not be issued until the expiry of the period for debarment from admission to a recognised school.
  • Guidelines for obtaining a Duplicate of the School Leaving Certificate:
  •       In case a duplicate certificate is required, Parents / Guardians will need to submit a written application stating the reason for the request and mention the status of the original certificate.
  •       Parents / Guardians are required to make an affidavit before a stipendiary Magistrate and attach the same with the  application.
  •      A certified copy will be issued by the school. Duplicate TC shall be issued on payment of Rs 1000/ – (per set)

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