Core Values


Billabong High International Noida (BHIS, Noida), a CBSE affiliated (Playgroup to XII) school envisions to create an educational system of learning that brings out the human excellence in every child.

We believe every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. We are here to support and nurture children with abundant opportunities to develop their creativity, learning curve, reasoning skills, and build scientific temperaments.

We are committed to sensitizing our young learners to the needs of the community besides inculcating values like integrity, fortitude, dedication and respecting diversity so that they become compassionate and confident human beings through ample opportunities of social interactions, responsibilities and information sharing.

BHIS, Noida is part of the Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (KKEL) chain of franchise schools which are operational in 40 cities across 5 countries including India, founded in 1993 by Ms. Lina Ashar. More information available on

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