Billabong High won the Inter School Literary competition at LPS Global, Noida. In Poetry recitation, Jiya Garg of Grade IV and in Declamation Kiarra Khurana of Grade V became the winners.

1)BHIS Noida learner – Aditya Gulati got selected for the international round at INTERNATIONAL FRENCH SPELL BEE 2017 edition.

2)The winner list of 6th edition of All India Art Competition titled “Colours of National Symbols”, organized by ARTinfoINDIA.COM are:

Aarav Rastogi, I-D, Group B Commended Award
Falak Kumar, I-B, Group B Commended Award
Fatema Zahra, II-B, Group B Commended Award
Janvi Jallodia, II-B, Group B, Merit Certificate
Twisha Kumar Kashi, I-B, Group B, Merit Certificate
Vivaan Naresh, IV-D, Group C Commended Award
Aditri Singh, V, Group D Commended Award
Parnika Manchanda, VI-A, Group D Merit Certificate
Rakshit Sinha, I-D, Group E Appreciation Award

3)Naina Bansal (Gr- V) ranked 2nd in National Astronomy Competition with 99.4 percentile.

4)Learners of BHIS Noida won 1st Prize at Udaan 2017 – Interschool Science Festival for their Science Exhibition in Senior Category.

5)BHIS learners won Special Appreciation Award at International Young Film Makers Festival. The theme was on substance abuse.

6)BHIS Noida won 3rd prize at the Inter School Peace Fiesta 2017-18 held on Saturday 7th October 2017at Global Indian International School, Noida.

7)Ananya Gogoi won State Level Painting Competition by NTPC.

8)Inter School Literary Fest: The learners participated in Science Quiz and Maths Quiz. They won 2nd Position (Medal and certificate) for Science Quiz and 1st position (Medal and Certificate) for Maths Quiz. Naina Bansal & Ridhima Singh (Science).

9)Inter School Competition Lexithon: A Quiz on Grammar- Runner’s Up (Book and Certificate) – Ikshita Raina, Supriti Roy & Naina Bansal.

10)Priyansha Bakshi and Prerna Singh from BHIS Noida won Special Jury Award in Singing and Dancing respectively at International Summit on Life Skills, Values, Gender, Health & Wellness in Schools.

Lauding The Achievers

“Success isn’t about the end result, it’s about what you learn along the way”

Billabong High International School, Noida hosted the Annual Achievement Award Ceremony for the session 2017-18 to felicitate & honor the proud learners for their endeavour to create new benchmarks.

It is the vision of the school to recognize and to encourage talent and appreciate the virtues of good behaviour and foster positive attitude and habits.

The event was graced with the presence of the honourable principal of the school Ms. Sharmila Chatterjee, the esteemed parents and the delighted learners. . The awards were bestowed by the parents to the learners on the basis of their punctuality, regularity, deportment, social & emotional behaviour, decision making skills, Self awareness and analysis, vigilance, respect and love towards Peers, respect towards school and school property.

The categories for the co scholastic areas were Most Vigilant, Most Courteous, Best Turned Out, Most Amicable.etc. who were selected by the democratic process of voting. The learners were also awarded for scholastic achievements in individual Subject Excellence and overall Academic Excellence .

The subject and stream toppers of classes X and XII were also felicitated. The ceremony came to a successful closure after the presentation of the awards for the All- Rounders.

Grade 5

Academic Excellence: Riddhima Singh

All rounder:

Bhavi Choudhary
Naina Batra
Ranbir Zutshi
Trisha Mehra
Priyal Govil
Supriti Roy

Subject Excellence:

Six Subjects:

Naina Bansal – English, French, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science

Five Subjects:

Ambika Sharma- English, Hindi, Science, Social Science, Computer Science
Mishti Kapoor- English, Hindi, French, Social Science, Computer Science
Vanishaa Goel- English, Hindi, French, Science, Social Science

Four Subjects:

Radhika Magon- Hindi, French, Social Science, Computer Science
Garv Jain- English, Hindi, French, Computer Science
Supriti Roy- English, Hindi, French, Science

Three subjects:

Anishka Singh- English, French, Social Science
Kimaya Arora- English , Hindi, French
Yaksh Singh Sami- Hindi, French, Computer Science
Girija Dhingra- English, French, Science

Two Subjects:

Adiya Singh- Hindi, Science
Niyati Kulshreshtha- French, Science
Kyra Chhatpar- English, French
Simmar Singh Hira- French, Science
Ameya Singh- Hindi, French
Simran Sharma- Hindi, French
Anushka Agarwal- Hindi, French
Shrey Bhaskar- English , Computer Science
Aditri Singh- Hindi, French
Harsimar Kaur- French, Mathematics

One Subject:

Advay Verma- French
Disha Verma– French
Eshan Bansal- French
Neerav Bhuyan- French
Sanyaa Ranjhan- French
Sparsh Maheshwari- French
Unnabh Gupta- French
Unnati Upadhyay- French
Aryavir Singh Chauhan- French
Harshill Bharti- French
Nilay Singh- French
Priscilla Prakash- French
Rani Tandon – French
Riya Titus- French
Naina Kakkar- French
Manmeet Singh- French
Divya Gupta- French
Gaurang Kakkar-French
Saksham Gupta- French

Co scholastic Awards:

Best turned out:

Atharv Gulati
Nayantara Maiti
Enya Gupta
Ranbir Zutshi
Tanisha Tyagi
Kiarra Khurana
Rishit Dalmia
Unnati Upadhyay
Adiya Singh
Arshit Sharma
Tara Sushling
Kashvi Agarwal
Girija Dhingra

Most vigilant:

Ranveer S Rathore
Saihaj S Ahluwalia
Tanisha Tyagi
Akshita Sharma
Yuvraj S. Parmar
Bhaagyesh Karan
Radhika Magon
Arth Asthana

Most amicable:

Kavya Soni
Adi Saran
Rakshika Thakur
Angad Advik Taxali
Jia Nilanjan
Aarush Atharv
Ambika Sharma
Joan Daman Nathan
Vanshika Bhattacharya
Aryan Shukla

Most Courteous/Well Behaved

Shreya Karmakar
Vivaan Manaktala
Adhiraj Gupta
Mridul Sharma
Mishti Kapoor
Aanya MS
Nilay Singh
Vanishaa Goel
Aditri Singh

Best Artist:

Kavya Soni
Daksh Singhal
Vivaan Naresh
Kashvi Agarwal


Academic Excellence:

Grade VII

Aadi Govil
Abhay Tyagi
Reene Bisht
Grade VIII

Mahua Singh


Aadi Govil (VII A)
Mahua Singh (VIII B)
Saloni Kulshrestha (X)
Sanchay Bhutani (X)

Subject Excellence:

Grade XI

Excellence in Four Subjects:

Sankalp Singhai- English, Political Science, Psychology, Physical Education
Excellence in Three Subjects:

Muskaan Makhija – English, Biology,Physical Education
Vartika Bahuguna – English, Business Studies, Physical Education

Excellence in Two Subjects:

Sanya Sharma – English, Physical Education
Rakshit Prabhakar – English, Political Science

Excellence in One Subject:

Samarth Sharma-English
Maanvi Thakur-English
Anurag Sharma-English
Grade IX

Excellence in Three Subjects:

Ashutosh Srivastava-English, Hindi, Computer
Sudhi Kulshrestha-English, Hindi, Computer
Mansi Bajpai- English, Hindi, Computer

Excellence in Two Subjects:

Kushagra Srivastava-Hindi, Computer

Excellence in One Subject:

Raunaq Gupta-Hindi
Prerna Singh-Hindi
Aarav Jain-Mathematics

Grade VIII

Excellence in Six Subjects:

Sheen Raina-English, Hindi, Mathematics, French, Science, Social Science
Aditi Sharma-English, Hindi, Mathematics, French, Science, Social Science
Excellence in Four Subjects:

Garv Bhaskar-English, Hindi, Science, Social Science

Excellence in Three Subjects:

Anoushka Thapa-Science, Social Science, French
Aditya Gulati-English , Hindi , Social Science

Excellence in Two Subjects:

Misha Desai-English, Hindi
Rujul Bhutani -English, Social Science
Gahan Sambhar -Science, Social Science
Praneet Tata-Hindi, French
Aditya Bansal-English, Science

Excellence in One Subject:

Vishruti Verma-English
Kashish Vats -Hindi
Vansh Chopra -Hindi
Saanvi Singh-Mathematics
Aadi Girotra -Science
Aryan B. Gupta-French (BG)
Aayushi Gupta-French (BG)
Mahan Sakwaya-French (BG)

Grade VII

Excellence in Six Subjects:

Samanyu Gupta – Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer, French

Excellence in Four Subjects:

Shrianshi Dhingra-English, Hindi, Social Science, French

Excellence in Three Subjects:

Yashasvi Roy – Science,Social Science,French
Achintya Sharma – Science,Social Science,French
Anushree Shukla-English, Hindi, Social Science
Viraal Saini -English, Hindi, Social Science
Ayesha Vats-Hindi, Social Science, French

Excellence in Two Subjects:

Bharat Raj Gupta-Hindi, Social Science
Keshav Bhatia -Science, Social Science
Laranya Chaudhary-Science, Social Science
Siddhansh Srivastav-Hindi, Social Science
Mysha Azhar -Hindi, Computer
Aarnav Aggarwal -Social Science, Computer

Excellence in One Subject:

Hannah Nagpal -Hindi
Faiz Husain -Social Science
Yugantar Rana -Social Science
Parth Mohan -Social Science
Rudra Ogra -Social Science
Neil Gautam -French

Grade VI

Excellence in Six Subjects:

Pawni Jallodia – English, Hindi, Science, Social Science,French, Computer
Shreyas Roy-English, Hindi, Science, Social Science,French, Computer
Saanvi Vashishtha -Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, French,Computer

Excellence in Five Subjects:

Aroma Zahid -English, Hindi, Science, Social Science, Computer
Harshit Goenka -English, Hindi, Science, Social Science, French
Krishna Yuvraj -Hindi, Science, Social Science, French, Computer
Sanaa Goel – English, Hindi, Science, Computer ,French

Excellence in Four Subjects:

Laksh Rana -Mathematics, Science, Social Science, French
Kamakshi Bagga – Hindi, Social Science,Computer, French

Excellence in Three Subjects:

Rashi Tangri-English, Social Science, French

Excellence in Two Subjects:

Saumya Singh -Science, Social Science
Aryan Singh -Mathematics, French
Naina Tripathi -Science, Social Science
Aditya Jindal -Science, French
Ishaan Singh Sengar -Hindi, Social Science

Excellence in One Subject:

Aakansh Kumar -Science
Arpit Sharma -Science
Zyva Vermani -Science
Rudra Pratap Agarwal -Social Science
Bhvyadhirr Bharadwaj -French
Raunit Singh -French
Arpit Garg-French
Kuvam Gupta -French
Manasvin Singh-French


Best Turned Out:

XI A: Maanvi Thakur
XI B: Sankalp Singhai
X: Rushil Pathak
IX: Mehak Tyagi
VIII A: Khushal Tangri
VIII B: Anoushka Thapa
VII A: Aryan Sen
VII B: Paarth Arora, Reene Bisht
VI A: Vaanya Mehrotra
VI B: Rashi Tangri
VI C: Ishaan S. Senger, Kamakshi Bagga

Most Vigilant Child:

X: Nishchay Gopal Dhingra
IX: Kushagra Srivastava
VIII A: Khushi Kheterpal
VIII B: Mahua Singh
VII A: Bharat Raj Gupta
VII B: Shrianshi Dhingra
VI A: G.G. Harish
VI B: Abhinav Garg
VI C: Arpit Garg

Most Amicable Child:

XI A: Sanya Sharma
XI B: Mohammad Azaan
X: Utsav Jain
IX: Tisha Satsangi
VIII A: Kashish Vats
VIII B: Aditi Sharma
VII A: Vanshika Verma
VII B: Noora Arif Khan
VI A: Tamish Sukla
VI B: Aryan Singh, Pawni Jallodia
VI C: Kuvam Gupta

Most Courteous / Well Behaved:

XI A: Varun Banyal
XI B: Samarth Sharma
X: Disha Arvind Sharma
IX: Kumar Swayam
VIII A: Riya Chaurasia, Vaani Bhadani
VIII B: Rujul Bhutani
VII A: Keshav Bhatia, Meher Mishra
VII B: Viraal Saini
VI A: Aanya Singh, Abhishek Garg
VI B: Harshit Goenka, Krishna Yuvraj, Naina Tripathi
VI C: Saanvi Vashishtha

95% and above Attendance:

XI A: Anurag Sharma

IX: Mansi Bajpai, Mayank Singh Teotia, Parichay Saxena, Pawneet Singh
VIII A: Khushal Tangri, Prerna Sharma, Vishruti Verma
VIII B: Aadi Girotra, Aayushi Gupta, Aditi Sharma, Anoushka Thapa, Aryan B. Gupta (100%), Khushi Makhija, Manash Agarwal, Navya Arora, Praneet Tata, Shivam Chauhan (100%)
VII A: Aadi Govil (100%), Amishi Manaktala, Ananya Rohtagi, Gauri Uttara Nataraj, Ishaan Negi, Laranya Chaudhary, Viveka Sharma, Yashasvi Roy
VII B: Anshika Chauhan, Anushree Shukla(100%), Aarnav Aggarwal, Abhay Tyagi, Achintya Mendiratta, Shrianshi Dhingra, Yash Chauhan, Dharya Singh, Kisna Bhatia, Prachiti Sehgal, Paarth Arora, Reene Bisht(100%), Samanyu Gupta (100%), Shreyas Bhadani
VI A: Aanya Singh, Abhishek Garg, Bhvyadhirr Bharadwaj, G.G. Harish, Kush Mehrotra, Ravi Inder Singh
VI B: Aryan Singh, Aroma Zahid, Pawni Jalodia, Zyva Vermani
VI C: Aarush Dhar, Aditya Tyagi, Arpit Garg, Kamakshi Bagga, Laksh Rana, Saanvi Vashishtha

Most Active Club Member:

Aroma Zahid
Ishaan S Senger
Varuni Bhadani
Saanvi Vashishtha
Saanvi Singh

Arjun Pandey
Bharat Raj Gupta
Mehek Pokhriyal
Himank Thakur

Saumya Singh
Laksh Rana
Kuvam Gupta
Yashasvi Roy

TECHNOVATIONS: Manash Aggarwal

Nitya Garg
Shrianshi Dhingra
Reene Bisht
Misha Desai
Anoushka Thapa

Kush Mehrotra
Aryan Singh
Kabir Sahay

Shreyas Roy
Aadi Govil

Anushree Shukla
Anshika Sharma

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