Safety and Security


1. The school has structured medical emergency plans in place.
a) Full time trained nurse
b) Equipped infirmary with first aid facility.
c) Doctor on call
d) Tie Up with the closest Hospital (Within the radius of 3 km)
2. The school also has a vehicle as standby facility for any emergencies & exigencies.
3. The School has a Structured SOP (standard operating procedure) for any emergency and it is known to all categories of staff in the School.
a) The teacher takes the child to medical room and informs the Academic Coordinator.
b) The academic coordinator is responsible for informing the parent and the Principal of the school.
c) Care call pertaining to any emergency is made to the parent to apprise them of the situation.
d) The medical aid is provided by the school and further action is taken with consent from the parent. The school has tie-up with Prakash hospital for such medical exigencies.
4. For extreme weather conditions like heat, cold or rain, the school has indoor sports area. An audio visual room to teach them techniques of the sports.
5. The Physical Education teachers are trained in administering First aid and have cumulative responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of every child.
6. The School is under the CCTV surveillance and there are 115 cameras installed across all strategic locations which are constantly monitored.
7. The School provides R. O Water to all its learners.
8. The support staff are regularly counselled on being hygienic and how to deal with learners especially primary learners and they are all trained under the POCSO Act.
9. The Schools maintains a standardized system of waste management which is followed by learners in classrooms and in corridors and the support staff is mentored accordingly.
10. The School maintains High Fire safety policy for the safety of all the learners and the staff.
The School has a Fire safety alarm and fire extinguishers in place. The clearly marked escape routes and exit plans are displayed on each floor of the building.
11. The School conducts fire safety and disaster management drills on regular intervals so that the learners are aware about the effective steps to be taken during any natural calamity.
12. The School has standard operating procedure for arrival and dispersal of learners.
a) For Walkers the below mentioned gates and respective timings are adhered to:



b) The learners to be dropped in the morning between 7.45 am to 8.00am and not earlier.
c) In case of any emergency, any parent arriving after 3.15pm is requested to inform a day prior as all the staff members leave school premises by 3.30pm.
d) Parents entering the School at any point during working hours will be required to carry their Bearer Cards along.
13. Bus Users: Every bus has a semi-skilled female attendant and teacher to escort the learners during arrival and dispersal.
14. Regular workshops on healthy eating, good touch – bad touch, drug abuse, bullying etc. are conducted by School Counsellors from Grade I – XII.
15. Full time Nutritionist on board to check the quality of food served in the Cafeteria.

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