The school also has section for toddler day care.

Toddler Care age group – 11 months to 18 months.


  • Clean & safe environment with comfortable settling room with beds and floor seating.
  • Loving & caring staff.
  • CCTV in each area which is constantly monitored.
  • Warm & freshly cooked food. Age appropriate play activities.
  • A trained nurse and helpers on roll for providing extra care to the children. Diaper changes, feeding and sleeping requirements of child is taken care of.


Equipped with well-furnished infrastructure, the daycare facilities are available for the school learners with timings till 6.30pm. Facilities offered – warm freshly cooked food served; hygienic & neat environment; well trained & caring staff; personal stationery; homework assistance.

Age Group – 2 yrs to 10 yrs.


  1. Safety first – Considering the fundamental need of safety of children, the manned campus is secured with well-trained caretakers, CCTV cameras and constant adult supervision. Age-appropriate material -for playing, relaxing, creating and just being.
  2. Cleanliness & Hygiene – We believe that cleanliness is next to healthiness. Daily cleaning and sanitizing of the day care is done. The staff meticulously ensures sanitization of their own and the children’s hands.
  3. Comfortable Beds – The day care has well laid out and comfortable beds for children.
  4. Cafeteria – We provide nutritious meals designed by nutritionists and prepared by in-house chefs. The day care serves lunch and evening snacks.
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