SANCHETNA – The Center For Children With Special Needs

Sanchetna- Center for students with Special Needs was established in the year 2009 under the able guidance of our visionary Director and Founder Ms. Jasmine Gandhi and the mentorship of Late Ms. Joyshree Mukherjee.

The center aims at eliminating prejudice and discrimination, and create an environment where each child feels valued. Keeping this vision in mind, our center includes children with mild to moderate learning disabilities and Autism with or without associated /other difficulties. With the completion of 11 years of Sanchetna, we are keen to expand our services and reach out further by initiating Online Services across India for children with Special Needs.

Core Objectives:

       We are committed to providing a curriculum that is meaningful and purposeful and which will lead the students to integrate into the society and the mainstream workforce.

       The Special Education Needs Department supports students with special needs, both in the mainstream classes and in small group settings. Our students have passed from school through both CBSE and the NIOS curriculums.


       The center assists students access the regular curriculum in separate settings with the aim to integrate them as far as possible. Students are supported through remediation or reinforcement classes, modification and adaptation of a regular curriculum and through partial integration leading to full integration, wherever possible. Further accommodations such as extra time and allotment of scribes are incorporated wherever necessary, keeping in mind the rules of the examining board.

       The multi-disciplinary team of Special Educators, Speech & Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Counselors works closely with the mainstream teaching faculty. The center also draws on the experience of visiting professionals such as Child Psychologists.

       The center offers a wide range of pre-vocational activities based on structured  curriculum. The focus here is on functional academics and training in pre-vocational skills keeping each child’s interests and abilities interests in mind.

       The school is committed to provide to all the children with special needs, an environment which promotes holistic growth and development. Hence, Adapted Physical Education is an integral and important part of the curriculum and a dedicated team facilitates this.


Services via Virtual/ Online Mode include the following:

       Psychological Assessment

       Educational Assessment

       Occupational Therapy

       Speech & Language Therapy

       Special Education

       Play and Recreational Therapy

       Yoga Therapy

       Counselling for child/Parents

       Behaviour Modification Plan

       Life skill training – health and hygiene, physical and mental fitness.

       NIOS, a national curriculum offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling, is a distance learning programme catering to the needs of a heterogeneous group of learners up to pre-degree level. The school  provides academic support to the child.


       Guidance and mentoring each child catering to their different needs.

       IEP (Individual Education Plans) and Therapy plan designed for each child keeping in mind their individual needs.

       Encouraging experiential learning- learning by doing.

       Providing e-material for virtual sessions.

       Sharing conceptual videos.

       Conducting interaction session amongst children.

       Virtual PTM – an opportunity for teachers and parents to share their experience about learners.

       Regular interaction with parents to help teachers understand the concerns and challenges faced by parents and learners.

       Periodic and monthly evaluation.


       Virtual classes on MS Team platform.

       One-on -one session for academics and therapy.

       40 minutes slot for each session.

       In a day, 3-4 sessions are scheduled for each child.

       Fun and co-curricular activity sessions.

       Equipping parents with teaching methodologies to assist learners through orientations. Helping them to understand their children’s needs by Interactions with Rehabilitation Professionals on regular basis.

       Provision for special sessions to be held on Saturday’s for students with working parents.

       Counselling session for parents for coping with stress and work pressure by the school counsellor & senior psychologist.



Primarily focused on the Visual perceptual skills, Attention/Concentration, Gross Physical Motor, Bilateral Integration and Fine motor Skills.


Supporting children for socio- emotional well being, empowering parents through parent training to help them with the child during the unprecedented time of the pandemic.


Mainly focused on generalization process of receptive and expressive language to enhance communication skills of the child.

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Sanchetna E-Learn Admission Helpline

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