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Security not only physical but emotional as well. Children’s social/emotional development involves the way they feel about themselves, their understanding of feelings, their ability to regulate emotions and express them appropriately, and their capacity for building relationships with others. It flourishes when they have close, supportive and trusting relationships with adults. Through positive interactions with adults, children learn about themselves and how to relate to others. Providing children with a safe, secure and conducive environment enhances their learning thereby increasing their physical and mental health.

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Why PG is the Best Start?

Our curriculum strongly emphasises on the children’s intellectual (cognitive), language, social/emotional, physical, creative and aesthetic development.

Kangaroo Kids is a blend of:

  • ► Sight reading (whole language approach which caters to visual learners)
  • ► Phonics (which refers to the sounds made by individual letters and letter combinations and caters to auditory learners)
  • ► Kinaesthetic (tactile) activities that involve movement such as finger tracing and physical games.
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